Apple Music Is Coming To Sonos Next Month

Apple fans sure love their gear, but they have nothing on the fanaticism of Sonos enthusiasts. The multi-room wireless music system includes speakers of different shapes and sizes, but its app-driven nature means that the guys at Sonos have to work to add new music services like Deezer Elite and Tidal as they're announced. One of the major players in that space is Apple Music, just confirmed as launching on Sonos in mid-December.

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That mid-December date is for a public beta program, although a more widespread release is a couple of months away still. It's an important move for Sonos, which has seen Apple Music be a significant hole in its otherwise pretty solid list of streaming music services; it's also a big step for Apple — who also recently made the almost-unprecedented choice to release Apple Music on Android — because it shows the company isn't necessarily just tied into AirPlay as a wireless streaming protocol.

Come December 15th, Apple Music will be available in beta on Sonos' entire PLAY ecosystem, including the new, excellent PLAY:5. If you don't want to be part of the beta program, general availability for the service will start in early 2016. [Sonos]

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