Ant-Man Can't Get Tiny Enough To Escape Honest Trailers

Hey, I enjoyed Ant-Man. Sure, it lost Edgar Wright on its way to completion, but even so, it still turned out to be a decent film (in no small part to Paul Rudd). It wasn't without its flaws however and Screen Junkies is happy to show you how in this latest Honest Trailer instalment.

Of course it's hard to pick up on these things on the first viewing, but that's why we have the internet! For instance, despite being the best burglar around, Scott Lang manages to get caught in the act an awful lot.

I also didn't realise Rudd and Michael Douglas did some sort of knee-slapping chant to promote the film. Probably for the best I missed that...

The chuckles are of the usual quality — better, actually — and the best gag is left till last, though it is foreshadowed a few times by references to Iron Man.

[YouTube, via The Awesomer]

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