All The News You Missed Overnight: Google’s Quantum Computer, HTC Vive VR Delayed

All The News You Missed Overnight: Google’s Quantum Computer, HTC Vive VR Delayed

Good morning! It’s a busy world out there. All The News You Missed Overnight gives you a guide to everything techy that happened while you were sleeping.

HTC Pushes The HTC Vive Commercial Launch to April 2016
Back in August HTC and Valve announced that the launch of the HTC Vive VR headset would be pushed into Q1 2016, which represented a slight delay from the original planned 2015 launch. Today it seems that Valve Time has again had an impact on the Vive’s launch progress, with HTC announcing that the headset will be further delayed to April 2016.

Google: We have proof that our quantum computer really works
Google announced a breakthrough in the field of quantum computing Wednesday. The company thinks it’s found a quantum algorithm that solves problems 100 million times faster than conventional processes. If confirmed, this discovery could not only lead to iRobot-style artificial intelligence but also advance the US space program by light years.

Filtered extremism: how ISIS supporters use Instagram
Last week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called ISIS the “most effective recruiter in the world.” While studies like one last week by researchers from George Washington University show that Twitter is still ISIS’s most significant online recruitment tool, the group also uses more intimate platforms, like Instagram.

Steven Spielberg’s The BFG Finally Gets a Trailer
Roald Dahl’s beloved children’s books have been adapted for the screen for decades. But aside from an animated television movie in 1989, Dahl’s classic The BFG lacked a suitably high-profile adaptation. But now, after over 20 years, there’s finally a debut trailer for director Steven Spielberg’s big-budget film version of The BFG.

Virtually there: the hard reality of the Gear VR
Releasing the Gear VR headset the weekend before the Thanksgiving holiday in the US was one of the smartest decisions Oculus and Samsung ever made. For a medium that’s stereotypically asocial, virtual reality turns out to be a fantastic form of family bonding — little is more fun than defusing bombs with the people you love, or showing your parents their very first 360-degree video.

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