Here Are All The Opening Day Specials In Australia’s First Microsoft Store

Here Are All The Opening Day Specials In Australia’s First Microsoft Store

Microsoft’s new flagship store opens its doors to the public at midday (AEDT) today, but we’ve already been inside to bring you a look at the future of Redmond’s retail arm, and the bonus special offers you get for going!

Microsoft already has over 110 stores in North America, all of which look about the same as their largest retail competitor, Apple. This is the first store outside of the US to launch, and it’s the company’s second proper flagship outside of the Manhattan store that opened a few weeks ago. It’s also the second store outside of Manhattan to have a second storey, which Microsoft is using for additional set-up and personal training.


Inside Microsoft’s Flagship Sydney Store (Photos)


Microsoft has in-store deals for the faithful few who line up today. Here’s what you’ll get to celebrate the opening:

Microsoft Band 2

The Microsoft Band 2 is on sale in the new Microsoft Store today. The first 20 people who buy the new Microsoft gadget will get a personal training session.

Sadly, the Band 2 isn’t available in the Online Store as of today due to supply issues. If you’re outside of Sydney, stay tuned for availability.

Xbox One

Microsoft will sell you the Xbox One plus a Kinect for $399 (normally $599) in the Microsoft Store today. Not a bad deal when you consider Christmas is coming up, but if you bide your time, you’ll likely get a better deal from the likes of JB Hi-Fi, Target or Big W.

Surface Book/Surface Pro 4

If you get your hot hands on either the new Surface Book or the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft will give you what it should be giving everyone: a free, two-year subscription to Office 365.

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

Fancy a cheap Windows Phone? The 640 XL has dropped from its price of $399 down to $299 in the Store today.

Bose Mini Soundlink 2

This hot speaker goes for $199 in the Microsoft Store today (normally $299).