Watch Shia LaBeouf Watch All His Movies Over The Next Three Days

In his latest foray into frankly baffling performance art, Shia LaBeouf is sitting down and watching all of his movies in reverse chronological order, back-to-back, without any breaks. The project he calls #AllMyMovies is going to take him three days, and he's streaming it live over on digital art website NewHive.

For locals over in New York City, he's even inviting the public to join him for the screening, free of charge. Sadly, all of us here in Australia will have to make do with watching his oddly expressionless, yet always attentive movie-watching face on the stream. I'd like to see if he can keep his poker face up throughout the Transformers movies — that's got to be painful for anyone to watch. LaBeouf announced the stream on the Twitter account that he calls his 'meta-modernist performance art', posting the address of the theatre for anyone who wanted to come join him.

So far Shia and his audience have made it through Man Down and Fury, two of his recent war epics, followed by Nymphomaniac, Charlie Countryman and Company You Keep. If you tune in soon, you should be just in time to catch Lawless, the last film of Shia's first day. If you're really unlucky, you might keep watching through until Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon starts. According to one attendee, the audience has been growing steadily with each film. He's already been through a bag of popcorn earlier in the screening, and who knows what other culinary delights Shia will be partaking in through the next two days of the stream. If you want to catch his reaction to any particular film, Twitter user @NickOrsini has posted the entire schedule for you:

Check out the live stream of #AllMyMovies on NewHive — there's no need to rush, it'll be going for a while.

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