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This Is The Best Telstra Mobile Deal I've Ever Seen You’d be crazy not to jump on Telstra’s $40 BYO mobile phone plan, which includes a total of 7GB of 3G, 4G, and 4GX data.

Anonymous Is Really Screwing Up Its War On ISIS This should not come as a surprise, but Anonymous is probable not going rid the world of terror with its myriad “ops.”

Hitler's Supergun: The Nazi Plot To Destroy London (And Why It Failed) The V-3 "supergun" was meant to win the war for Germany.

The US Government Is Being Sued For Losing A Critical JFK Assassination Film The Zapruder film may be the most famous footage taken of the Kennedy assassination, but it’s not the only one.

Self-Proclaimed Experts Often Claim To Know More Than They Really Do Fifteen years ago, psychologists showed that the most incompetent people are the worst at recognising their own incompetence.

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