These Samurai Scissors Are Perfect For Battling Paper Cuts

Why bother getting a real katana that would sit, unused, on a mantle somewhere, when you could get something just as cool, but a whole lot more practical? Take these Oda Nobunaga Scissors from Nikken Cutlery, easily the fanciest piece of stationery one could own, outside of a jewel-encrusted, letter-opening scimitar.

What you see is what you get — a pair of stainless steel scissors, fashioned after the blade of samurai Oda Nobunaga. It comes with a gold-tipped scabbard and cord and a wooden storage box "embossed with the famous warrior's name and crest". All in a lightweight 73g package.

So, onto the matter of price — a chunky $US317, which is not unexpected given what you're getting. Add another $US14 for shipping and you'd hope that whoever you're getting it for really enjoys the idea of sword scissors.

[Japanese Trend Shop, via The Awesomer]

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