There’s Finally An Adult Version Of That Rideable Kids’ Suitcase

There’s Finally An Adult Version Of That Rideable Kids’ Suitcase

If you don’t have kids, you’re probably not familiar with the Trunki, a wildly popular ride-on suitcase for kids. If you are familiar with it, you’ve probably been incredibly jealous of seeing kids zooming through airports on one. But be jealous no more, because an adult version is finally here.

The creator of the Trunki, Rob Law, apparently spent the past four years, and hundreds of prototypes, designing an adult version called the Jurni that’s now available through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

The Trunki’s highly recognisable cartoonish design has been upgraded to something a little more stately with the Jurni, which stands quite a bit taller so that adults, up to 100kg, can sit on it. Also gone are the Trunki’s four outer wheels that made it more stable for kids to ride. On the Jurni they have been replaced with two pairs of specially designed inline skate wheels that lets an adult scoot along on it, or drag the suitcase by its telescoping handle.

You read that right, the most important feature of the Trunki, the fact that kids can actually ride it, is carried through to the grown-up version. Adults just need to straddle the case, balance on its two wheels, and then creep along using their legs. You might be worried about looking childish when doing so, until you get stuck in a long slow moving line, and realise how much comfier it is to sit and scoot along instead.

If you’re quick enough, you can pre-order the Jurni via its $US30,000 Indiegogo campaign for just $US99. That gets you the suitcase in your preferred choice of colours, all the features including a pop-out seat that doubles as a removable easy-to-reach compartment, and a promised delivery of sometime in February of last year.

As with all crowdfunding campaigns there is the risk of this one missing its funding goal, or something going terribly wrong along the way derailing production. But its creator has already failed once, failing to secure funding for the original Trunki on Dragon’s Den (the international version of Shark Tank) only to turn the product into a massive hit. And what adult wouldn’t want a piece of carry-on luggage they can actually ride around the airport? [Indiegogo – Jurni via Gizmag]