‘Teen’ Hackers Strike Again, Leak Info Of US Government Employees

‘Teen’ Hackers Strike Again, Leak Info Of US Government Employees

The same “stoner teens” who hacked CIA director John Brennan’s AOL account are back. Today, “Crackas With Attitude” posted the contact information of US government employees online — and they claim to have accessed far more than that.

“34,000 lines of emails, names, position and phone numbers of gov associates, including military,” one of the hackers bragged about how many government names they bagged. His account is now deleted. Motherboard spoke to the hackers, who claim they gained access to a lot more than the information shared today:

Earlier on Thursday, Cracka told Motherboard that the group hacked into someone’s account, and got access to several “tools feds use” such as JABS, a database of arrested people, IC3, an FBI crime-reporting tool, and VCC, a sharing tool for law enforcement agencies. He declined to say whose account they hijacked, only that the owner is someone “high in the [government].”

I called some of the numbers of government employees, from FBI agents to local law enforcement, and they were accurate. That doesn’t prove CWA’s second dump was legit, since there’s always a chance CWA could’ve found the information by other means than hacking. Then again, what they released the first time turned out to be real.

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