Stay Away From Micro USB To Type-C Adaptors, Warns Senior Google Engineer

If you were hoping to simply grab a USB Type-C adaptor and reuse all your micro USB cables and accessories with your shiny new Nexus 5X or 6P — you might want to think again. According to Benson Leung, a senior software engineer at Google, you should stay away from basically all such adaptors until the company gives the say so.

In a post yesterday on Google+, Leung singled out OnePlus' neat looking Type-C adaptor, available from its online store. Apparently, it's not up to spec and could damage your device:

Don't buy this #USB #TypeC adapter for your Chromebook Pixel or Nexus 6P/5X phone. It uses the wrong identifier resistor. Oneplus needs to get the message that their accessories are out of spec...

Not a big problem for us in Australia, as OnePlus doesn't even ship here, but the warning applies to pretty much any Type-C adaptor, as Leung mentions in a reply to his post:

None of the ones presently available are spec compliant, but several vendors have been in touch with me to repair their broken cables and adapters. Stay tuned. I will make a post when the first one is available.

Well, that's a bummer. Still, given the choice between spending the money on a compliant cable or expensive repairs to my new phone, I know which one I'd go for.

[Google+, via VentureBeat]

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