Rooster Teeth Made A Real Life Fallout 4 Wasteland And It's Totally Awesome

As we get closer to Fallout 4 coming out, YouTubers are creating tonnes of tribute videos to the post-apocalyptic gaming series. Rooster Teeth went a little further than usual with theirs, however, and made a real-life Fallout wasteland that two "vault dwellers" need to cross.

The mission was simple. Michael and Gavin from Rooster Teeth were given a Pip Boy each and had to wander through the Wasteland, complete side-quests and grab an access code so they can make it to the next vault.

The amazing thing is how effects like radiation poisoning are simulated in real life. Instead of causing damage over time which would actually hurt a player, the players are given a weird magnifying plate to look through that seriously impairs their ability to move around the world. It's fascinating!

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