NSW To Get Digital Driver Licences By The End Of 2018

That digital NSW licence thing we heard about earlier this year? Yep, that's official happening, according to Dominic Perrottet, the state's Minister for Finance and Services. You'll have to wait a couple of years for it though, unless you're really into fishing.

A press release out of the NSW Department for Finance, Services & Innovation has all the details. As originally outlined back in March, the state plans to deploy digital licences gradually, starting with the more uncommon varieties, such as those for recreational fishing and the responsible service of alcohol.

A mock-up of the licence app can be found in the lead image.

These should be available "from mid-2016", the release states, with another five unspecified licence types following in 2017. If all goes well, digital driver licences should be out "by the end of 2018".

Mobile phones are -- unsurprisingly -- the deployment platform of choice:

"This technology will allow our citizens to display, apply, update and renew their licences using their smartphone, with real time information also available," [Perrottet] said. "The Digital Licence will also have security safeguards built in, with authorities able to more easily verify the validity of these licences."

I guess it's time to start buying stock in car phone chargers then?

[Department of Finance, Services & Innovation, via The Age]

Image: NSW Government



    We'd be kidding ourselves if we thought all our info wasn't already in databases and facing the threat of hackers stealing it so its about time we embraced the Australia Card idea and just got on with our lives without the antiquated need to carry around multiple pieces of plastic. For me that's drivers licence, working with kids, fishing licence, marine licence, medicare just to satisfy the Government let alone multiple bank cards, loyalty cards, membership cards. Its just nuts.

    I hope these won't become the only way. I don't own a mobile phone, and nor do I want to.

      They've said it wont be the only way

    Well that'll be a quick way for the government to assist in killing less popular smartphone platforms. Available on the app store & play store, everyone else can EADC.

      Given the track record the government has with smartphone apps (and even some web apps), this won't do a thing. Even some of the iOS apps are flooded with 1 star reviews because they basically don't work at all.

    One less card I'll have to keep in my phone case wallet

    Wait until your phone out of battery....and got stopped by a coppa....

    ah... no license...here goes your fine...

      Quit the stupidity... You can pay with your phone nowadays. I'm more often than not leaving my house with just my phone when I have to go out eating. Am I dumb enough to leave with a dead battery if I'm expecting to pay? fuck no! Are you? fuck no!

      If I'm going fishing, fuck having to fuck around trying to find the A4 paper or the receipt for my licence. Will I have my phone with me? Yes. Am I expecting to be checked by an officer while fishing? Yes... We're all smart enough to charge our batteries to look at boobs pics on snapchat, surely we have just enough spare grey matter to think about charging our battery when we think we'll need it for a more "grown up" use.

      If battery is flat?....meeeh surely these guys will think about a way around. But for fishing, it'd be exactly the same problem as if I didn't have my license / receipt...I'll be most likely asked to show up to an office or something to show my licence & avoid the fine.

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