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What's New In Windows 10 Update Threshold 2? The first major Windows 10 update, ‘Threshold 2’, has landed, bringing with it a bunch of tweaks, performance improvements and new features.

Windows 10 Privacy Settings: What You Need To Know Windows 10 has some handy new features, but if you believe the rest of the internet, it also comes with features that eviscerate any semblance of privacy.

YouTube Music Is Breathtakingly Pointless YouTube is quietly one of the most powerful forces in digital music, and this is the app that’s supposed to change everything. It changes nothing.

OnePlus X Review: Great On The Outside, Just OK On The Inside When OnePlus founder and CEO Carl Pei first showed off the new X in our Manhattan office, I was impressed.

There's A Hidden Connection Between Pi And Quantum Mechanics Physicists have uncovered a hidden connection between a famous 350-year-old mathematical formula for pi, everyone’s favourite irrational number, and quantum mechanics.

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