You Can Buy Google's New Chromecast Right Now For Under $50

Google's new, round, 5GHz Wi-Fi-compatible Chromecast — some people call it the Chromecast 2 — isn't out in Australia yet; Google is likely waiting on regulatory approval for the new streaming dongle's extra wireless networking cred. If you're prepared to shop online and wait for international shipping from the States, though, you can get one right now. Even better, you'll pay just $43 — as long you've got a friend to split the deal with.

B&H Photo Video in the US has a Cyber Monday deal — which should remain a deal until 4PM AEDT (Sydney time) on the 1st of December, but no guarantees — for a two-pack of the new hockey puck Chromecast, netting you two for $US50. (That's about $70 in Australian currency.) Add roughly $US12 on for shipping to metropolitan areas around the country, and you're looking at $86, or $43 delivered per Chromecast. Even cheaper than the original's $49 Australian RRP!

As long as you have someone to take that other Chromecast off your hands, or even if you have two televisions with which to use your new matching pair of Google-branded media streaming sticks, it's a great deal — especially considering they aren't even available in Australia yet. The same deal and same two-pack pricing also applies to the Chromecast Audio.

Here's what's new with the new Chromecast:

[B&H Photo Video]

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