JB Hi-Fi Is Selling A 55-Inch 4K Sony TV For Under $1500

JB Hi-Fi Is Selling A 55-Inch 4K Sony TV For Under $1500

Mark turned around and asked me, “Is this a good deal?”

I responded by staring and pointing at the monitor. It’s $1000 off. Of course it’s a good deal. Here’s your Christmas TV upgrade.

It’s a Sony 55″ KD55X8500C, but instead of selling at the usual price of $2499 it’s going for $1499 instead. It’s in stock right now and according to Rtings it’s more than decent for video games, although you might want to pick up a sound bar with the money you’re saving.

As for why you should care about a TV at this price, here’s why: it’s a 4K UHD LED-LCD screen with Android TV, Wi-Fi, USB media playback, 4x HDMI ports, 3x USB, a LAN connection, one-touch mirroring (handy if you want to bugger around with the remote for whatever reason), bluetooth, a 3.5mm headphone out, digital audio output and all the other stuff you’d expect a TV of this calibre to have.

It’s in stock right now. It’ll take around 5-7 working days to deliver or you can pick it up the same day, although you might have to trek it out to Homebush or another major outlet if your local store doesn’t have it.

3840 x 2160. For $1499. The input lag is pretty good compared to other TVs released this year. Have at it.