If A LEGO AT-ST Gets Obliterated By Logs In A Forest, Does It Make A Sound?

The Star Wars hype train has well and truly pulled out of the station. Your only (new) hope is to jump on board as it take those sharp corners on the way to December. Or... you could find your own way to psyche yourself up, like building an AT-ST out of LEGO and smashing it to pieces with a pair of logs. Hey, it worked for the Ewoks.

It also worked for the folks at Wired, who decided to give this, uh, experiment a crack. After using over 1000 bits of the popular plastic toy (and three hours of time) to construct their replica, they proceeded to destroy their creation in less than a second, with the help of some solid swinging vegetation.

Now all they need to do is build an AT-AT, trip it over with some steel cable and watch it shatter. Can we get to work on that ASAP?

If you want to see how the clip was put together, there's a behind-the-scenes video, which you'll find below.


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