Here's The First Demand Made Under Australia's New Site Blocking Laws

It was only a matter of time before someone made use of Australia's new site-blocking laws, but the first party to make the a demand isn't who you'd expect.

The site-blocking law is part of the Coalition's raft of anti-piracy legislation designed to crack down on the sharing of copyrighted material.

It had been expected that a rights-holder like Foxtel would float the legal test balloon against a site like The Pirate Bay, however, it's a construction firm applying to a small Australian ISP that fired the first shot.

According to the ABC, applicant Simonds Homes and its law firm Moray and Agnew have written to the smaller, unnamed ISP to request that the website of CHM Constructions be blocked for infringing copyright.

Legal experts have told the national broadcaster that the case here doesn't look strong. [ABC]

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