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This Month In Dashcams: The One With A Frog Surprise! People are terrible on Australia’s roads. This month’s dashcam compilation features everything from jack-knifing trucks, drivers being insane at freeway exits and the usual pulling out of intersections without looking at what’s coming at you. Oh, and a cute little frog.

Microsoft Australia Has Some Pretty Sweet Xbox One And Surface Deals For Black Friday Black Friday isn’t a thing here in Australia. Which is unfortunate considering that there’s a bunch of sweet cash to be saved on gadgets this time of year. Microsoft Australia decided to throw the land Down Under a bone and discount products from the Surface through to the Xbox One, and everything in between.

There's A New Raspberry Pi That Only Costs $19 Raspberry Pi has been making small, affordable computer for a while now, but it’s just gone and made things insanely cheap. Its latest miniature computer, the Pi Zero, will cost just $19 in Australia.

Every Good Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Streaming Right Now It’s almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. Tonight, get to the chopper and get your ass to Mars — these are the best Arnie movies on Aussie streaming services right now.

Goodbye, Gizmodo. From Gizmodo's Luke Hopewell: After three and a half years, 4735 articles, millions of words and entirely too much nonsense, I’m leaving Gizmodo Australia. That’s right, readers. I’m off. I’m going from one dream job here at the helm of Gizmodo Australia to another over at Twitter.

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