Dubai Is Giving Its Firefighters Jetpacks From New Zealand To Use During Skyscraper Fires

Dubai Is Giving Its Firefighters Jetpacks To Use During Skyscraper Fires

Fighting a fire in a towering skyscraper poses unique challenges for both the equipment and the firefighters. That's why the fire departments of large cities have dedicated high-rise units -- but Dubai wants to do one better by equipping its firefighters with jetpacks.

The city is no stranger to high-flying exploits, but it's hoping this latest venture ends up being more than just a publicity stunt (or an obscene display of wealth). The Dubai Civil Defence has officially placed an order with the Kiwi company Martin Aircraft Company for 20 of its twin-engine jetpacks and two simulators for training purposes.

Dubai Is Giving Its Firefighters Jetpacks To Use During Skyscraper Fires

The Martin Jetpack is as close as we've come to developing a real-life version of what The Rocketeer strapped to his back. It's considerably larger than the jetpacks science fiction has promised us, and comes with a hefty $US35,000 price tag. But it can also carry over 118kg, allowing it to lift a pilot and additional equipment to hard to reach parts of a skyscraper. In an emergency when every second counts, being able to quickly access the upper floors of a building is certainly an advantage.

Is a jetpack the real solution to the problems involved with battling high-rise fires and emergencies, though? That remains to be seen, as Dubai is one of the first cities to trial this unique approach. If anything, it reassures the city, and the businesses occupying all those skyscrapers, that the city's rescue services are dedicated to solving the problem, and hopefully help make the booming metropolis' skyline a little safer.

[Martin Aircraft Company via Dubai Civil Defence via Gizmag]



    They look more like ducted propellers than jet nozzles.
    And what real use would these be 50 storeys up? Spotting people?

    That guy in the first photo looks like he's shitting himself, maybe he seen too many crazy ideas.

    sorry but this comment is so not true, The Martin Jetpack is as close as we’ve come to developing a real-life version of what The Rocketeer strapped to his back.

    Jet packs that you strap to your back and looks much closer to the jet pack in the movie have been developed many decades ago for the US military.

      yep they even had a story on a "real" jetpack, the other day..

      Don't forget that rocket packs aren't jetpacks either, they don't have jet engines.

      However this is one of the first that will take your money and return it with the real-world commercial experience.

    Hope it comes with a backup ballistic parachute ... seems a bit of useless kit for firefighting

    The only true jetpack is the one being built by an Australian; it uses two small jet engines. It was recently flown around the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour.

    How much fire fighting gear could that really carry? Only just over 118kg in total- with a 60kg+ maybe 10kg of gear on him... and how much would a hose, pump and container of retardant weigh? Maybe that leaves 30kg for the retardent... not very useful on a skyscraper scale fire.

    It's probably only for reconnaissance, but even then a UAV would be better.

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