Continuum Creator's Next Project Is A Zombie Detective Show

Simon Barry's time-tripping, sci-fi series Continuum might have wrapped up, but its creator has no plans to sit put. Despite arguments to the contrary, zombies never seem to go out of fashion entirely so it should be no surprise that Barry's next project involves an undead detective.

If the concept sounds vaguely familiar, then you might be aware of the novel Dead Mann Walking by Stefan Petrucha, upon which the series will be based. According to Lesley Goldberg over at the Hollywood Reporter, it's been commissioned by CBS in the States, with Barry on script duties.

While there's no word on how closely the series will follow the book, you can get a sense of what it'll be about from Dead Mann Walking's Amazon description:

After Hessius Mann was convicted of his wife's murder, suppressed evidence came to light and the verdict was overturned-too bad he was already executed. But thanks to the miracles of modern science Hessius was brought back to life. Sort of.

Now that he's joined the ranks of Fort Hammer's pulse-challenged population, Hessius attempts to make a "living" as a private investigator. But when a missing persons case leads to a few zombies cut to pieces, Hessius starts thinking that someone's giving him the run-around-and it's not like he's in any condition to make a quick getaway...

I guess it has some similarities to Continuum... instead of going backwards and forwards through time, it's the threshold between life and death. And it'll likely be police-procedural-ish, which Continuum kind of was, too.

[Hollywood Reporter, via Blastr]

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