All The News You Missed Overnight: There Are Too Many Good Video Games, And More

All The News You Missed Overnight: There Are Too Many Good Video Games, And More

Technology is filled with all kinds of rumours and speculation — real and fabricated. All The News You Missed Overnight collects all those whispers into one place to deliver your morning buzz.

This is a video game edition of All The News You Missed Overnight. Why? Because I said so, and because there are too many good games to play, that’s why.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider: The Tomb Raider sequel is out, and after playing about five hours of it over the weekend, I can confirm that it is good. Even if you don’t play it for the story (which is a pretty generic “I need to prove my Dad was right after his death” sort of tale), play it for the improvements to character models. The motion capture of faces in this game is insane, and the character animations throughout the game is next-level good. Read Kotaku’s full review for more.

Fallout 4: It’s finally here. Reviewers so far tell us that Fallout 4 is both awesome and full of bugs. Players who pre-ordered at EB Games can’t tell you much at all, as their special edition copies are delayed, but at least the unpaid EB Games staff had fun turning this store into a Fallout Vault.

I haven’t played Fallout 4 just yet, but Conan O’Brien has.

CoD: BLOPS III: There’s another Call Of Duty game. If you’re into that sort of thing. It’s brutal.

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