All The News You Missed Overnight: PAX 2015, Jeremy Clarkson Sledges BBC And Adelaide Blackout 2015

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Jeremy Clarkson has made his first appearance in the wild as an Amazon employee. The former BBC host turned Kindle-shiller has appeared in an ad for the new Amazon Prime TV Stick, posted above. The product isn't available in Australia, and I doubt the new Top Gear reboot will be either. But at least you can watch this ad on loop for hours and wonder how many times Clarkson fell off that Segway, I guess.

PAX Australia 2015 took place over the weekend, and our friends over at Kotaku were on the ground, out in force, gobbling up all the gaming news your body has room for. You can check it out over at Kotaku Australia, but a few stories we love to get you started include the news that Steam Controllers are coming early next year for Aussies; the awesome story about this game created by a four-year old's idea and a word from Greens Senator Scott Ludlam who was there shilling for the Aussie game dev industry.

Alternatively, if words aren't your thing, check out PAX Australia 2015 in pictures!

If you live in Adelaide and you're reading this: good on you! You have power again!

For those out of the loop, Adelaide was plunged into darkness last night after an interconnecting link between Victoria and the South Australian capital failed. 45,000 properties were affected.

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