You Won’t Immediately Toss Christmas Cards That Magically Stick To Any Surface

You Won’t Immediately Toss Christmas Cards That Magically Stick To Any Surface

There’s a good chance that all those Christmas cards you’re getting ready to mail out will end up in the trash shortly after being delivered. But the novelty of a holiday card that magically sticks to any flat surface — without glue or tape — is sure to save your good tidings from a garbage bin fate.

A company called Tesla Amazing has created a unique type of paper that sticks to almost any flat surface with a minimal amount of texture. You might think magnets are at play, but it’s actually static electricity that provides all the stickiness here — without requiring you to rub anything on your hair, or first shuffle your feet on a rug to build up a charge.

The company currently sells its paper as a line of office supply products called Magnetic Notes that are supposedly better than Post-It Notes because they adhere to more surfaces and won’t lose their stickiness over time. But Tesla Amazing is now expanding with a line of static Christmas cards that can be easily hung over a fireplace, on a fridge door, or really anywhere someone wants to add some festive decor.

Through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign launched recently, you can pre-order Tesla Amazing’s Magnetic Greetings. A donation of $US15 gets you your choice three of the 20 different designs available. The per unit cost gets cheaper the more you’re willing to pledge, up to $US1,000 for 400 of the cards if you’ve got a gigantic family.

The only catch? Delivery is not expected until December. Assuming the Kickstarter is a successful, you might not have enough time to mail these out to everyone on your And if like many Kickstarters there are any delays, you could miss the holiday altogether. By the time the holidays roll around next year, the novelty will be gone, and your card will once again find itself on a quick one way trip to the trash.

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