WikiLeaks Drops CIA Director John Brennan’s Personal Emails

WikiLeaks Drops CIA Director John Brennan’s Personal Emails

Who was it that said that all future wars will be won by email? Maybe the same person who sent the CIA director’s AOL emails to WikiLeaks.

The latest document dump announced by WikiLeaks today are the non-government emails of CIA chief John Brennan. And we know how interesting personal email accounts of government officials can be.

As Motherboard reports, a group of hackers called “Crackas With Attitude” (CWA, get it?) are taking responsibility for procuring the emails as well as supposedly finding important personal information for some intelligence officials. But it sounds like Brennan does not prescribe to the Hillary Clinton personal email policy — those who have started to pick through the documents haven’t found anything particularly noteworthy so far:

At first glance, the documents don’t seem to contain overly sensitive information, as none of them is marked as classified. The one that’s perhaps more sensitive is a draft of Brennan’s Standard Form 86 form. The SF86 form is a long and comprehensive questionnaire that government employees looking to get a security clearance needs to fill. The form asks the employee for all kinds of highly personal information about themselves, such as alcohol and drug use, and about his or her family.

That shouldn’t stop you from taking a spin through the emails yourself. More will supposedly be released in the coming days. Let us know if you see anything?

Also: AOL, LOL.

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