Why You Need To Watch The New Stan Original Comedy, No Activity

No Activity is about to become your new favourite Aussie comedy, available to view anytime, anywhere, on Stan. Keep reading to find out why.

The Cast

No Activity features some of the finest comedic actors in Australia. It’s clear Patty Brammall and Darren Gilshenan have worked together before (The Moodys, The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting), their comedic timing and on screen chemistry is impeccable. Genevieve Morris and Harriet Dyer’s combination was meant to be and David Field, Dan Wyllie and Sam Simmons provide a constant stream of laughter.


Jungleboys are the team that also brought you shows like The Moody’s, The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting and Review with Myles Barlow. That’s some serious comedy credentials.

Stellar Guest Stars

New Girl and Jurassic World star Jake Johnson, Tim Minchin and Kat Stewart add their names and considerable talents to No Activity. Jake’s surly FBI agent, Tim’s bumbling security officer and Kat’s nervous witness all add to the laughs.

It’s Getting Some REALLY Good Reviews

“The Seinfeld of cop dramas” ”Gloriously good” and “The funniest new comedy I’ve seen for years”. These are all direct quotes from critics.

Sam Simmons

This year Sam Simmons won the Edinburgh Comedy Award and The Barry for best show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He’s a very funny man doing very funny things in No Activity.

It’s Very, Very Funny

No Activity is an Australian comedy like you’ve not seen before. Don’t trust us though, watch it and tell us if you think we’re wrong.

It’s All Available Right Now!

All six episodes are up on Stan right now and with a 30 day free trial you’ve really got no excuse to miss this.


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