What Did This Virgin A330 Get Up To During The AFL Grand Final?

It might be the NRL Grand Final between the Cowboys and Broncos today, but yesterday it was all about the AFL season decider, with the Hawks facing off against the Eagles. Part of the pre-match celebrations involved a flyover by a Virgin Airlines Airbus A330, but it did a little more than just blast over the Melbourne Cricket Ground... the pilots also went for an aerial wander.

If you hit up your favourite flight tracking site (in our case, FlightRadar24), you'll notice the A330, registration VH-XFH, left an interesting shape as it flew around Melbourne and northern Victoria.

Yes folks, it's a premiership trophy.

Of course, it's not a perfect rendition — there are a few parts that cross over — but ignoring those it's a pretty darn good outline. Though in all likelihood it was machine plotted, so we have some sophisticated flight computer to thank for this sky art.

Or data art? One of those.

[FlightRadar24, via Reddit]

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