Watch Acer's 'ReadyToSense' Windows 10 Announcement Here

At 5PM today, Acer is holding a joint press conference with Microsoft in Taipei to announce a bunch of different, new Windows 10 devices — you can watch it here with us.

The Taiwanese computing giant already has a huge portfolio of Windows 10 laptops, tablets and convertibles already (as well as any compatible Windows 7 or 8 laptop), but there's always room for more. Things we're expecting include some new Windows Hello and Cortana-friendly devices, more touchscreens, and faster (MU-MIMO) Wi-Fi modules in new machines.

Tune in to the Acer ReadyToSense website, or check out the YouTube livestream link below at 5PM AEDT today, to see Acer's announcement in its entirety. [Acer]

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