This Infographic Succinctly Explains Evolution

Evolution can be a touchy subject for some people. I'm in the camp saying we should all just stop being jerks to each other, no matter what your beliefs are. But the next time someone says evolution is "just a theory", it might take less effort to send them this infographic than enter one of those debates where you're not even speaking the same language.

This one comes from Science Alert, aiming to explain why it's illogical to dismiss "theories" in the scientific context. The everyday use of the word "theory" is different to the scientific use.

It's basic, but there's actually a bit I learned from this anyway, despite already being on the "yay science" train. The whole "should evolution be taught in schools" debate is more of an American thing, and of course wherever you go, there are tonnes of individual belief systems that marry forward-thinking religion with enthusiasm for science. The two don't have to conflict. All the better to keep something like this in your back pocket, in case you ever need to explain why they don't conflict.

[Science Alert]

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