The Nexus 5X Is On Sale In Australia For Quite A Bit Of Money

Remember when the Nexus 5 used to mean cheap, cheerful Android for the masses? Times have changed. The Nexus 5X is now on sale in Australia for more coin than you're probably prepared to part with.

The Nexus 5X is on sale right now for an eye-watering $659 outright. And that's just the 16GB version, which you should never, ever buy.

The storage tops out at 32GB, which will run you an even more expensive $739. Phew.

Update: Google has emailed its customers saying the Nexus 5X is only available "in limited quantities". Better get in fast!

We've come a long way from when the most expensive Nexus 5 was just $450.

The Nexus 6P is also now on sale for a little more than the 5X, starting from $999 if you want one right now.

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