The DJI Osmo Is A Handheld Stabilised 4K Camera

The DJI Osmo Is A Handheld Stabilised 4K Camera

Not just a builder of amazing drones, the DJI boffins have used their expertise to create a camera stabilisation system for ground use. Check out the buttery smooth video.

Yeah, pretty awesome.

The OSMO integrates a 4K camera with a three-axis gimbal stabilisation system to totally eliminate shake.

Of course, actively stabilised camera systems have been around for a while, but DJI aims to make a system that is small and very easy to set-up and use.

The DJI system comes with a 12-megapixel camera (with 1/2.3” sensor and a 94 degree field of view) but you can also use it with the Zenmuse camera series.

The system can be used to take panoramas – automatically panning around 360 degrees and stitching the result together.

The camera can also handle crisp, stabilised long exposures, or slow motion at 120 FPS in 1080P.

You can also use the included holder to turn your smartphone into a screen.

The camera is available for sale today for $1099.

We have one on the way for testing, so keep an eye out for a incredibly smooth hands on very soon.

And check out the video below for more info on the Osmo.