Telstra's TV Streaming Box Is Out Next Week For $109

Looking for one device to sit in your home entertainment unit, sending catch-up TV and streaming video on demand straight to your telly? Telstra's competitor to the Apple TV will be out at the start of next week, and you'll pay $109 for the privilege of watching Presto, Netflix, Stan and other Australian catch-up television services -- as well as any downloaded movies or TV shows you might have on a hard drive or your home network -- on your big screen TV.

Can The Telstra TV Kill Content Piracy?

There's one big caveat with this little media streamer. The Telstra TV is only for Telstra fixed line home broadband customers, just like the discontinued T-Box -- which is a pity, because it has broader appeal.

The Telstra TV's relatively low price should make it strong competition for the updated Apple TV, set to release in Australia in the coming months. It's twice the price of a Google Chromecast, but doesn't require a smartphone or tablet to stream online video. In functionality, it's similar to the current Apple TV, with a simple remote control and straightforward interface designed to shuttle users straight into their streaming apps of choice.

Out of the box, the Telstra TV supports 15 different apps -- Telstra's own BigPond Movies service, Presto, and Netflix, catch-up services Yahoo!7, SBS On Demand, and Channel 9's JumpIn, as well as YouTube, Red Bull TV, Awesomeness TV, Wall Street Journal, GoPro, Vimeo, CrunchyRoll, Dropbox and Roku's own Media Player. Netflix and Presto competitor Stan is also releasing an app for the Telstra TV in November. Telstra is unmetering both BigPond Movies and Presto for its own home broadband customers, although other streams will use your data.

Netflix, Stan and Presto Bundled Together Thanks To Telstra TV

Based on a Roku's last-generation Roku 2 streaming box, the Telstra TV can play back local media files from its USB or microSD port, and has integrated 802.11n Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet networking to connect to your home network and the 'net. The Telstra TV is powered by a dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9, with 512MB of RAM and 256MB of onboard storage. HDMI 1.4 means the Telstra TV will output video at 720p or 1080p -- you also get a 1.5m cable in the box. Integrated Miracast means you'll be able to throw content from a compatible Android smartphone or tablet.

Telstra will offer the Telstra TV box for free on some of its L and XL broadband bundles; if you're not a new or re-contracting Telstra home broadband customer, you'll be able to buy the Telstra TV for $109 from Tuesday 27 October, both online and in retail stores. Anyone buying a Telstra TV before Christmas will get a free three-month subscription to Presto and a free three-month subscription to Stan, as well as a $15 BigPond Movies voucher.


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    Isn't it a Roku 2?

      yes but its packed to the brim with Telstra bloatware

        They now have a roku 4. Telstra don't actually want to make your life easier, they just want to sell you a box with minimal content, alright if you have a presto subscription I guess.

      The NEW Telstra TV is based on the Roku 2 model. Welcome to 2011 Australia!

      Roku releases its generation 4 box next week in the US.

        I think this is aimed at people who still have a home phone. They will think the Roku 2 has just come from the future with it's magic 'internet TV'.

      And with that being the case, why is this being a Telstra exclusive a shame for customers? What do you miss out on by just grabbing any off the shelf Roku device?

      There’s one big caveat with this little media streamer. The Telstra TV is only for Telstra fixed line home broadband customers...which is a pity, because it has broader appeal

      Last edited 16/10/15 11:19 am

        Local apps for Presto and Stan.

          Ta. Odd if they aren't pushing to have those available to all users.

    Get an Android box install KODI, then Install one of the many add-ons like Genesis!!!! get onto it people, I do think Gizmodo should do a story of these add-ons through Kodi, its the only way to go, and totally free ;)

      The only thing is a lot of them are illegal streaming services so the streams won't be very reliable, especially if you are on ADSL2+ it will spend 2-3 minutes buffering.

      The legal ones tend to work well, until a major change is made to the website and then the addon is broken too unless it's in regular development.

      My android box is mostly used for Hulu (which I'm happy to pay for because it just works)

      I agree that an android box is a better way to go. If you want kodi addons, get a "fully loaded" box from an ebay seller or there are a few australian websites you can order from too. The price premium for having someone set it up for you is minimal, maybe $20-30.

      Last edited 16/10/15 8:56 am

    I don't get why Stan is not yet on there. Their must be some big issues over there. You would think the Telstra TV app would be a priority. Then again, we are talking about a company who releases an ATV app with no watch history and overtime you ask them when it's being fixed they respond with a 'we are working hard on it'. Then there is the PS4 app with no surround sound.

      Stan has a PS4 app? I thought they only had a ps3?

        It's on both.

      Stan didn't make the launch due to technical difficulties. Yesterday at the launch event they said it should be there by christmas however. There's a stan app with the words 'coming soon' on the home screen. It was definitely meant to be there and will no doubt show up once they sort out whatever back end issues held it back from launch

    So am i wrong in assuming they were going to bundle netflix, stan and presto in a monthly subscription? or do you basically just have to have individual subscriptions to each service? I thought they were conjuring up a deal with the 3 to offer you an all in one subscription at a slightly discounted price?

    Am I blind? I couldnt see what the monthly cost is going to be for access to the service.

      There is no monthly access cost beyond your existing Telstra home broadband subscription.

        Im still confused... So where does the free three-month subscription to Presto and a free three-month subscription to Stan fit into all of this?

        If access to netflix, presto, stan, etc are included in the cost of the service, why have vouchers for free access?

          Since dknigs provided a less than useful response, let me try.

          There is no service "Telstra TV" it is a once off purchase box (think like a smart TV, but better, and you have to plug it into your tv). Through the box you can access Stan/Presto/Netflix that your purchase separately (or use the vouchers for 3 months free), the streaming services are optional and you pay the services directly just like you do for anything else to access them.

    Right so from looking at other articles online:

    If you use the new Telstra TV box you will be asked to pay $9.95 a month to access Netflix content, $10 a month for Stan and $14.95 a month for Presto content, on top of that you will also have to pay $6.95 a movie if you watch a movie from the BigPond Movie store.

    So essentially you are buying a really old roku for full retail (unless you get it for free) and then still need to pay full price for all of the streaming services that you wish to access.

    In addition to this, you miss out on the 2500 Roku channels found on stock roku's!

    What a disappointment.

    The version of the Roku 2 is the 2015 revision

      Yes you are correct the internals are the same as the roku 3 (minus wifi remote and headphones plug in the remote) but is the case is a Roku 2

    Have Telstra unmetered Netflix data yet?


      no, instead they double everyones data limit so instead of having 500gig i now have a 1tb download limit

    I'd like to see if the apps for Stan and Presto could be used on this device?

    It's the 2015 version of Roku 2 launched in April 2015 which is the same box as a Roku 3 just the remote is IR instead of Wifi.

    Here I was thinking Telstra were about to drop a game changer.

    Give it Amazon Prime, Presto, Netflix, Stan, and Foxtel Go and charge $50 a month for it, plus once off box cost, and make data not count towards the quota, and you are on an absolute winner.

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