TAG Heuer’s Luxury Android Smartwatch Will Be Even Pricier Than We Expected

TAG Heuer’s Luxury Android Smartwatch Will Be Even Pricier Than We Expected

Crazy expensive watches usually do well — we have the back links to prove it. But would you really fork over $2,550 for some ritzy wrist candy? TAG Heuer’s CEO, Jean-Claude Biver seems to think so.

But the price of the Swiss company’s Android watch wasn’t always that steep. Earlier in the year, TAG Heuer stated that it was planning to release the Android smartwatch this fall with a price sitting roughly around $1,990 — but it seems the price has gone up. Until now, even the most expensive Google wearables cost no more than around $700. So we’ll only have to wait about another month before we can weigh in on its worth.

The Android software smartwatch is expected to launch at TAG Heuer’s event at their LVMH building in New York on November 9th.

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Apple Watch 2.0: The second-generation Apple Watch may hit the market in mid-to-late-2016. Reports claim that the second watch will be a thinner version of its predecessor, which came out earlier this year. The new smart watch is expected to feature a FaceTime camera and expanded wifi. That means you’ll be able to do much more without connecting it to your iPhone — a sticking point for some users. [Mac Rumours]

A New Cardboard VR: So, cardboard virtual reality is real and it’s here to stay. We got our first taste of the cardboard accessories with Google’s Cardboard — the cardboard headset that is an addition to its virtual reality apps. Now Microsoft is releasing its own version of the virtual reality box called ‘VR Kit,’ that works by strapping your Lumia smart phone to your face. The unveiling event is being held on October 17. [Thurrott]

Speaking of Lumia: There goes the second Microsoft Lumia leak this week. Having accidentally appeared in the U.K. version of the Microsoft store’s website, the Windows 10 Lumias were just revealed. The Lumia 950XL’s size was listed as a WQHD 5.7-inch display with 32GB storage. The smartphone is also expected to have WQHD display, a 20 megapixel rear-facing camera, and a microSD slot accepting up to 2TB. The Lumia 950, on the other hand, comes with the same features but in the slightly smaller size of 5.2-inches. The price of either phones wasn’t listed, but they both run on Windows 10 Mobile. [PC World]

Just One Sony Phone a Year?: We may not see the next Xperia flagship until this time next year. There have been many debates over how often Sony Mobile will launch its flagships. Up until now, Sony has released a new phone every six months since the launch of the Xperia Z in 2013. But in a recent interview with Sony’s Art Director, we learned the design department is working on new flagship phones for the second half of 2016, 2017 and 2018. What do you think? Do you like having a new Xperia flagship right around the corner, or do you find that your latest device quickly becomes old? [xperia blog]