Strava Insights Lets You See How The World Runs And Cycles

Strava Insights Lets You See How The World Runs And Cycles

Since Strava burst on to the fitness scene to track runs and rides, it’s collected an extraordinary amount of data — so much, in fact, that it even sells it to city planners. Now, it’s launched a new website called Insights that lets you explore how the entire world runs and cycles.

Drawing on a frankly bewildering 136 billion data points, Insights lets your explore the running and cycling habits in 12 cities around the world. You can simply compare key data points head-to-head — say, who cycles faster, London or New York? (Actually it’s London, 14mph to 13.5mph.) Or you can use some pre-built analysis tools to study things like who wins the commute run (Sydney in the morning; Barcelona in the evening.) And then there are key findings to study too, like the record day of uploads in San Francisco (May 17th 2015, when Bay to Breakers, a 12K organised run, happened).

All in, it’s quite a lot of fun to play with, and will no doubt get more interesting as the mass of data grows. Oh, and for the competitive — and which Strava users aren’t? — here’s how the world’s cities rank for running speed and cycling distance. Well done, Europe.

The world’s fastest city runners

  1. Paris — 8:56/mi (avg. pace)
  2. London — 9:00/mi
  3. Berlin — 9:11/mi & Melbourne — 9:11/mi
  4. Milan — 9:13/mi
  5. New York City — 9:15/mi
  6. Amsterdam — 9:19/mi
  7. Sydney — 9:33/mi
  8. Barcelona — 9:41/mi
  9. San Francisco — 9:47/mi
  10. Los Angeles — 10:26/mi
  11. São Paulo — 10:45/mi

The cities that cycle farthest

  1. Milan — 33.7 miles (avg. distance)
  2. Barcelona — 25.9 mi
  3. Amsterdam — 27.3 mi
  4. Paris — 23.4 mi
  5. Los Angeles — 20.8
  6. Berlin — 19.8 & São Paulo — 19.8
  7. Sydney — 19.7 & Melbourne — 19.7
  8. San Francisco — 18.4
  9. New York City — 17.4
  10. London — 16.1 mi