Samsung’s Milk Music Premium Now Available In Australia

Samsung’s Milk Music Premium Now Available In Australia

Milk Music is Samsung’s streaming internet radio service that has been bringing free tunes to owners of Galaxy phones. Now there is a paid premium option available which brings a host of new feature – but will it be worth the price?

Milk Music Premium has a monthly free of just $3.99, so it’s not exactly expensive.

Users can upgrade to the premium service right away, as long as they have a compatible Galaxy phone or tablet. Check out the full list down below.

The coolest feature of the premium service is offline listening, with the ability to cache up to 25 stations to listen to when you don’t have a reliable data connection.

You can also skip unlimited songs, whereas in the free version there was a limited number of skips per hour.

Luke said it best when Milk Music launched.

The new streaming service is powered by Slacker’s excellent, human-curated catalogue and back end. It’s station based radio that learns like any other. What sets it apart is the slick interface that Samsung built.

The interface is centred around a big circle dial. Genres are grouped into big categories like “dance” and “alt” or “indie,” and within each of those categories there are sub-genres like “house” or “indie sleepover.” Working your finger around the outside of the dial cycles through the broader categories, swiping navigates through the more specific categories. You an also navigate through the categories from a drop-down menu in which the 150 odd stations are numbered like a Chinese food menu.

What to know more about Milk Music? Check out Cam’s hands on and Luke’s launch breakdown.

Otherwise head over to Samsung and take a look at it for yourself.

Milk Music is available on the following phones.

Samsung Galaxy S III Samsung Galaxy S 4 Samsung Galaxy S 5 Samsung Galaxy S 6 Samsung Galaxy S edge Samsung Galaxy S edge+ Samsung Galaxy Note II Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Samsung Galaxy Tab S Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) Samsung Galaxy Gear S5