Revoltech’s Stitch Figure Is Just The Gosh Darn Cutest Little Thing

Revoltech’s Stitch Figure Is Just The Gosh Darn Cutest Little Thing

Usually this is where a witty opening paragraph would go, but I’ve been stupefied by the cuteness. Just look at this little darling. So sweet!

Kaiyodo’s Revoltech line has been churning out amazingly articulated action figures for ages — you might have seen their Star Wars figures featured before. This new Movie Revo Lilo & Stitch Stitch keeps all the fantastic articulation, but combines it with a totally-spot on aesthetic that makes this look like a 3D cartoon character. It’s like he’s leapt out of an actual animation cel from the beloved Disney Movie.

Revo Stitch clocks in at three and a half inches tall, and costs $US45 — which is a lot for a figure of this scale. But that higher price means you get a quite frankly ridiculous number of articulation points, making Stitch incredibly poseable and just jam-packed with personality. Even his ears are articulated!

I’ve had to stop writing this post at least twice, just to go “D’aaw” over these pictures. This little fella is adorable.

Aside from maximum cuteness, Stitch comes with a bunch of accessories — an alternate faceplate that shows him squinting his eyes, extra arms and head/back attachments to “revert” him to his original Experiment 626 form, a Snow Cone, and a pair of sunglasses. Everything you need to make this the sweetest little figure on your toyshelf or desk.

If you want a lil’ Stitch of your own, you won’t have to wait all that much longer — the toy is due for release in Japan and the U.S. in January 2016.