Pop! Vinyl Ant-Man Rides Into Battle On The Cutest Ant In The World

Pop! Vinyl Ant-Man Rides Into Battle On The Cutest Ant In The World

Funko’s Pop! Vinyl toys tend to go one of two ways: either incredibly creepy, or incredibly cute. Someohow, they have managed to make a toy of a giant flying ant and make it the cutest thing in the world — and then they slapped Scott Lang’s Ant-Man on top of it, and made it even better.

Aside from their regular range of vinyl toys, which will soon encompass all pop culture the Earth has ever created, all that ever was and ever will be, Funko also occasionally branch their little toys and bobbleheads into “Pop! Rides”, which gives one cutesy 9.5cm figure a deluxe vehicle to to potter around in. You know, Marty McFly has a Delorean, Deadpool has a Chimichangas truck, things like that. Ant-Man? There can only be one. His trusty steed, Anthony!

Pop! Vinyl Ant-Man Rides Into Battle on the Cutest Ant In the World

Or Ant-Thony, to be more precise.

The deluxe set features the mahoosive Anthony figure, complete with control pack on his back, and a slightly new version of the usual Ant-Man Funko Pop, his arms outstretched to make it look like he’s ready to take to the skies on his ant buddy. I guess if Funko can make Cthulhu himself look vaguely cute, they can do the same for an ant.

Ant-Man and Ant-Thony will set you back $US30, and will be out in December.

[Via Marvel Toy News]