No, This Fish Didn’t Come Back To Life As A Woman Was Eating It

No, This Fish Didn’t Come Back To Life As A Woman Was Eating It

Did you see that video of a fish “coming back to life” as a woman was eating it? It’s half-bullshit, much like half the viral videos on the internet.

Despite its clickbaity headline, The Daily Dot acknowledges that this fish isn’t actually coming back to life. In fact, they spoke with an expert who explained that it was definitely some kind of involuntary reaction that the [dead] fish was probably having to salt.

[Update: A quote has been removed from the original post at the request of the person quoted. The quote substantiated the theory that the fish was moving due to the presence of salt.]

Another clue: The fish has been gutted and isn’t gasping for air. It’s all the involuntary movements of a dead fish. Horrifying to see? Yes. A fish coming back to life? No.

Remember that terrifying video of a zombie squid for a while back? The same thing was going on there.

Pour on some soy sauce, and see it squirm. It’s a gross thing to see, for sure, but it’s not the animal coming back to life.

Gifs begrudgingly created by the squeamish Andrew Liszewski

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