Nine Confirms Plan To Live Stream Its TV Channels Online

2016 is going to be a busy week for Australian TV online: Channel Nine has joined the fray, confirming that it will stream its channels for free.

As previously reported, Nine has confirmed plans to stream all of its channels online, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Nine will kick off its online broadcast from 2016, and joins Channel 7 and SBS's new online food network as new 24-hour online free-to-air broadcasters.

Nine will rebrand its Jump In catch-up service to 9Now, which will be the new home of its live-streaming service. The service will be compatible with tablet, smartphone and desktop operating systems.

9Now will feature the same advertising as its terrestrial broadcast, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, but that may change over time to a more "personalised" experience. [SMH]

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    This announcement, along with Channel 7 already streaming their three digital channels coming in the same week Apple launches their new Apple TV is a game changer. Watch for all the networks to have streaming apps on Apple's new box asap!

    If it want to watch TV, I'll do it at home in front of my TV but I'm sure this will suit someone.

      Don't your TV's have PCs plugged into them?

        Yes, yes it does but it also has an antennae plugged into it as well.

      This will be great for catching up with the news, on the train home and from overseas (with VPN/proxy)

      There are heaps of other use cases. My reception isn't great at times and I know people, living in suburban adelaide, who can't get FTA channels at all (or what they do get is unwatchable) even with a rooftop antenna.

      Those out in the bush will benefit as well from having more choice, especially if they have NBN wireless but are too far from major towns for terrestrial broadcast TV.

      There are lots of use cases, this will be more popular than you think.

        You're right, this will be fantastic for the rural crowd.

    What's the bet that the resolution will be 360p at maximum?

      Don't be silly, most of us can't stream at that insane resolution, i'm sure it'll be 144P :P

    HD streaming or I'm not interested.

    Fantastic news. Now I have another way to not watch Channel 9.

    Aren't their sports all tied up with online rights holders? If the cricket is online for free, I'm going to have a very unproductive summer at work.

      Since Cricket Australia only charge $30 per YEAR to stream it via their apps, or online, and this price includes their own cameras at games not normally broadcast, I'm sure they won't mind 9 streaming a bit of cricket.

      However, at times when they don't have the rights to broadcast, 7 show alternative content online instead, so you don't get any errors/black screens, and I'm sure 9 will do the same if the Cricket is a problem for Cricket Australia.

    You're lucky to have such a fast connection. I can only stream HD when I visit Singapore.

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