Monday’s Biggest Stories

Monday’s Biggest Stories

Every evening, we wrap up the day’s biggest stories in one place for you to easily check out. If you’ve been off the grid all day, jump in here and catch up on current events.

Holy Crap. Fallout 4 Is Insanely Cheap At JB Hi-Fi
Our friends at Kotaku Australia spotted a super-cheap copy of Fallout 4 up for pre-order, but I think we’ve tracked down a cheaper one.

Google Nexus 6P Now On Sale In Australia… Sort Of [Update: Get In Quick]
Google’s Nexus phones are hard to come by in Australia, but if you’re quick, you can nab yourself a Nexus 6P from the Google Play Store.

Nexus 6P Review: The Android Phone For Everyone
Google-designed Nexus phones have been beating the handsets designed by third-parties for a few years now.

5 Easy Router Tweaks For Faster, More Secure Wi-Fi
Your router might look like an impenetrable black box of internet mystery, but tweaking a few settings under the hood is easier than you might think.

The Nexus 5X Is On Sale In Australia For Quite A Bit Of Money
Remember when the Nexus 5 used to mean cheap, cheerful Android for the masses?

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