Mini Versions Of Classic Roland Synths Let You Recapture Analog Glory

Mini Versions of Classic Roland Synths Let You Recapture Analogue Glory

Roland has a trio of new synthesizers called the Boutique Series. They are affordable miniaturized versions of three classic analog synths from the early 80's. Say hello to the sweet electronic sounds of the good old days.

The synths are modelled after the Jupiter 08 from 1981, the JX-3P from 1983, and the Juno-106 from 1984. Each one is a separate module than can be connected to an external keyboard or docked on Roland's own adorable mini one.

As synths go, these things are relatively affordable. They range from $US300-400, and $US99 for the keyboard dock. Not super cheap, but within reach for amateur musicians who want to rock out to some amazing retro electronic sounds. Each one features preset sounds that you can tweak and modulate, as well as a step sequencer. They are powered either via USB or using AA batteries.

As someone who is constantly electrified (eh?) by the sounds of analog synths, it's a gift to be able to actually bring some of this stuff into my home without spending insane amounts of money or filling my home to the brim with gadgets. Thanks Roland! For a more detailed breakdown of the Boutique Series, head over to Create Digital Music.

You can pre-order the modules now and they should be shipping by the end of October.

Mini Versions of Classic Roland Synths Let You Recapture Analogue Glory

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    These are going to be extremely limited...probably 200 of each for Australia and I've found and pre ordered them here

    What a joke. Of the three, only the Jupiter 8 was ever considered a good synth. The JX-3P was never well regarded and the Junos were the product of Roland's worst era. And these have tiny, tiny keys, making them all but unplayable, especially on stage when the last thing you want to have to do is concentrate on tiny, tiny keys. There are a thousand free softsynths I would choose over these.

      If you watch the video you will see that the tiny keyboard is an option and the synth modules can be connected via midi to any controller you like.

      You lost me at 'Junos were the produce of Roland's worst era'. They are great synths. You are wrong.

      Don't be a hater. These are obviously not for you so go download all those thousands of free soft synths and have some fun with them, because really that's what this is all about, having fun.

    Back in the day I had a JX-3P (and a SH 101) and lusted after the Juno 106... but then the Yamaha DX-7 came out and suddenly analogue seemed so passe. Now I laugh at how cheesy the DX-7 sounds in 80's music and like most electronic music fans fell back in love with analogue and curse myself for selling them.

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