Microsoft Surface Book And Surface Pro 4: Australian Price And Release Date

Early this morning a slew of new Microsoft Windows 10 devices were announced, including the Surface Pro 4 and the very cool Surface Book. But how much will they cost, and how soon can you get one of your own?

This article was originally published 9AM, October 7.

The Surface Pro 4 will start from $1349.

The Surface Book will start from $2299.

Both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, and new accessories, are available for preorder in Australia from October 7 — that's today, guys — then for purchase on November 12.

Those prices are pretty high thanks to our weak dollar. But what about the Australia tax?

In the US, the Surface Book starts from $1499 US, which equates to $2093 AUD. Those prices are without tax, so add 10% for GST, which comes to $2302.

The Surface Pro 4 is priced from $899 US, which is $1255 AUD. Those prices are without tax, so add 10% for GST, which comes to $1380.

So there's no significant Australian tax at all — in fact, at current exchange rates the new devices are actually cheaper here.

Did you miss the launch but still want to watch the video? Head here.

The Surface Pro 4 sports a 12.3-inch screen squeezed into the same Pro 3 12-inch frame. It’s also a bit slimmer, at 9.1mm vs 8.4mm and weighs in from 766 grams.

The screen has a 2736 x 1824 (267ppi) resolution - up from the Pro 3’s 2160 x 1440.

The Pro 4 will be available in a range of configurations, from a Core M3 CPU, Core i5 or Core i7. You can also get from 4GB to 16GB of RAM and a 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB SSD.

Battery life will be up to 9 hours and it runs Windows 10 Pro.

The Surface Book has a 13.5-inch display with a 3000 x 2000 resolution (267ppi) and weighs in at 1516 grams.

It comes with a Core i5 or i7 and an optional discrete NVIDIA GPU if you need more video processing power.

You can get models with either 8GB or 16GB of RAM and a 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB SSD.

The battery life will be up to 12 hours and it runs Windows 10 Pro.

Want to try the devices out before committing to a purchase? Once they are available, head over to the new Microsoft Store in Sydney.



    These devices look amazing. Would have bough the book if the Tablet part had a kickstand so it could be used as a Surface as well. But as is, I'll get the Pro 4.

      Why would you want a kickstand? the keyboard part goes all the way back and it looks like you can do a bit of an A shape with it as well.

        I have used a few detachable style convertible laptops so I agree that an integrated kickstand in the tablet side would be nice.

        When you are using just the tablet part, sometimes you want to be able to sit it down on a table and watch a video.

          Yeah but the keyboard isn't detachable so you would just bend the keyboard back all the way to make it flat or make it into A frame and have it 'upside down' (the screen would flip) and watch it that way or you could just fold the keyboard back a bit and make it like an L or < shape.

            Keyboard is detachable. That said, i'm not sure I see the appeal of a kickstand on the book tablet.

            Keyboard is detachable. Magnets and all that jazz. But I agree that I wouldn't want a kickstand adding unnecessary bulk when it already has an attachment that would perform the same function and more.

              I want one that magically doesn't add any bulk or weight though ;)

              The keyboard is great as a stand. But I have found that when using detachable laptops as a tablet, I often want to put them down, but still have them standing up.

                A kickstand would also be nice for those time when you're writing or drawing on it as a tablet but want it propped up a bit (say, 10-15 degrees off the horizontal). But I guess it's difficult to put every scenario in there :)

                EDIT: oh, duh: you can fold the keyboard back behind the screen and prop it up that way. Can you use that to put it in a tent position for playing movies?

                Last edited 07/10/15 4:10 pm

                  Yeah, the keyboard can be used as a stand in pretty much any circumstance, if it is with you.

                  But in my experience with detachable laptops, I would be sitting on the couch / bed / toilet and want to set it down for a minute.

                  If I wanted to keep watching a video etc then it needs a stand of some sort. Going off to find and attach the keyboard is not always convenient.

                  Just for the record, you *can't* bend the hinge all the way back, you have to take the tablet out and flip it around so the screen is facing 'backward', then bend the hinge forwards, but I see no reason you can't then tent the laptop.

              Well, I would say the kickstand in the existing Surface line doesn't exactly "add bulk" in any way shape or form. Which is exactly why it seemed silly to me to not have it there.

            Keyboard is detachable and reversible so you can stand it with the keyboard on in reverse

      Without a GPU, it still can't run the apps I want, and the new notebook is , well, an underpowered notebook.
      Still holding out hope that the next Surface will somehow pack a GPU in there as well.

        I think you might have missed the fact that the Surface Book does have a 1GB GPU that's built into the keyboard

          No, I saw that, but if I want to go with a notebook form factor, I'll get something decent with a 4GB or larger GPU.

            Seriously it's a 13in notebook! What can you possibly need a 4Gb video card for? And don't say high end games, graphic design or the like. I don't understand people who complain when a laptop or notebook can't replace their gaming/design/engineering spec desktop. It's foolish to think that anyone (except a niche player like Alienware) can create a workstation replacement in a notebook form factor at a price point that's moderately acceptable.

              My Gigabyte p35X laptop has an 8gig video card. More people are using their laptops as their workstations, connected to big monitors some of the time. Then grab it when heading out and continue working on the go. I was hoping the Surface Book would have more than 1gig. I don't think it's confirmed yet how much video memory it has.

    I'm impressed. I would like the surface book for that graphics boost. But the price is what's stopping me.

      I know, starts at over 2k. I am not saying the price is unfair, but it is more than I would drop for a 13" laptop.....Looking at the prices in the US store the top of the line will likely run close to 4K retail over here....that is a pretty hefty ask!

      Last edited 07/10/15 10:24 am

        There are heaps of cheaper alternatives, what you are not getting is the battery life or the specs of these new Microsoft machines.

        Personally I'm considering a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 - having the bigger screen is cheaper there, so a 8GB with 256GB SSD model only costs $1499. Next time they have a sale I'll look at jumping on that. It won't have 12 hour battery life but you get what you pay for.

        Consider the closest alternative: a thinkpad T450s has 15 hours of battery life but sells for $2499 with 8GB and 256GB SSD and only has a 1080p screen.

        Great battery life (which i'll define as above 6 hours, at 50% brightness with WIFI on)
        Under $2,000
        Under 2kgs

        Pick any 2.

        *edit* Maybe add high end performance then pick any 3 because technically the Asus Zenbook UX305 is only $999 with a 128GB SSD or $1499 with a 256GB SSD, it's lighter than the Surface book (1.2kg) and thinner (12.3mm) but the pokey Core-M-5Y10 processor might let you down if your considering anything more than demanding than browsing gizmodo. Plus the battery life is no better than a Macbook Pro or an XPS 13 which both have much better processors.

        Last edited 07/10/15 1:41 pm

      Yeah, at that price you may as well get a faster notebook.

    Link to preorder? All that the Australian Microsoft site has at the moment is 'starting from $2299'

      We're waiting for a link to become available -- we'll let you know as soon as we get it!

        I want to see what the top spec one runs, I am guessing close to 4K, which is pretty nuts

    Any news on the band 2 and lumia 950 & 950xl availability in Australia?

      Echoing this

    Where are the specs microsoft!?! what GPU is it? hopefully a 950m at least, in which case that's a pretty killer laptop!!

    Good to see Microsoft is slowly getting back in the game! :)

    Their free Win10 upgrade has been awesome, now their new laptops... good things to come hopefully!!

    Did you miss the 1TB SSD option, or are they just not bothering with Australia?

      the US MS site has the Pro 4 and Surface Book listed online for pre-order already, but not a sniff of the 1TB model and even the 512GB one is showing as unavailable for pre-order even though it IS listed on the page. Nothing on the AU site yet at all from yesterdays announcement though, just the old SP3 models. :o(

    Basically day one purchase for me but now I need to decide if I want the Book or the Pro, I draw a lot and like my SP2 so the SP4 covers my needs for sure but I did want something to render on and use for 3D so the Book would be a nice replacement. Decisions!

    Man these look epic. I can't think of a better laptop. perhaps they could have made one of the USB ports USB C. Just figuring that dropping that kind of cash would mean the laptop would last 5 years by which time USB C will sorely be needed.

      Yeah does seem a strange omission seen as the new flagship Lumia's are type-c...

      At the moment very few things require USB Type-C at the PC end, its mainly all on the device end. USB 3.0 and 3.1 to Type-C cables should cover most things for the foreseeable future until they are mainstream.
      Hell, I recently built a new PC and my fairly high end motherboard only has one USB Type-C port on it.

        Oh yeah for sure, it's not needed for end devices probably for another year. I would just feel a bit disappointed every time I try to jam a USB cable in and get it the wrong way around haha.

        Right now, the USB-C omission is what would stop me from buying. My laptop is 4 years and doesn't have USB 3.0, so I swore that the next laptop I bought would have to have USB-C (3.1).

        But yeah, next years model will be mine!

    looks like you can find some of the pricing by using the "help me choose" tool - and interestingly for high end, it seems like the Surface Book may actually be cheaper than the Surface Pro 4.

      Keep in mind that the surface book has what is essentially a power cover+docking station included in the price, which when they came out for the SP2 were together worth about 600 dollars.

    They both look good but it's a bit lame they felt the need to not only style it like a macbook pro, but call it a "surface book". They pay these people 7 figure salaries to come up with a name and they just copy someone else's? Why?

      You cannot possibly be serious? How does the Surface Book look even the tiniest bit like any other laptop or convertible out there? For a start, it doesn't close flat, which I think is going to take quite some getting used to. Then there is the fact that half the guts live behind the screen, so the two halves of the device are roughly the same thickness, as opposed to a normal laptop which has a fat base and a thin lid. It's keyboard is the same colour as the chassis, etc., etc., etc.

      The reason both Apple and Microsoft have chosen "book" is that the term "notebook" is more common in the US than it is here, so it makes an immediate connection with consumers.

      I agree that it feels a bit lazy but I also think that they choose it because of what the device is, i.e. aesthetics like the hinge that looks very much like a book spine and the 'clipboard' mode.

        yes this, i think it's because it looks like a book with the book like spine.

      Did it occur to you that Apple got the name "Macbook" from the term "Notebook"?

        Yes it did. I still think calling their product something so similar to an existing product is lame and does not project an image of being a leader. It projects an image of being a follower - whether it was intended or not.

        I mean - you seriously don't think it would be weird for toyota to release a "toyota focus" in competition with the "ford focus". Lame. It smacks of corporate insecurity to me.

          The car analogy is not the same case as this.

          Both Macbooks and these new Surface books (and others such as Chromebook, Ultrabook, Zenbook) derive their names from the term "Notebook", to mean a personal, portable computer with a flip up screen. This is not unusual - in fact it actually makes sense. The "book" postfix in the name tells you what type of device it is.

          This is not the same as Toyota naming a car the Toyota Focus to be in competition with the Ford Focus. This is more like Toyota naming a car the Toyota Camry Sedan to be in competition with the Ford Focus Sedan.

            Jesus, talk about drinking the koolaid.

            You honestly don't see any similarity between "MacBook" and "Surface Book"? I don't know about you, but I don't know anyone who refers to their laptop or notebook as a "book" as a generic term.

            Admittedly the car analogy was not perfect - but a sedan is an actual word for the product class. Calling laptops "books" is not in common use nor is it a generic term AFAIK.

            It is clearly intentional IMHO. Maybe after this people will call all of them "books".

              Lunchbox, please read the below slowly to make sure it sinks in.

              A notebook (as according to wikipedia) is a portable personal computer with a clamshell form factor. Therefore calling it a mac book or a surface book tells people it's a portable personal computer with a clamshell form factor.

              A Sedan (as according to wikipedia) is a passenger car in a three-box configuration. Therefore calling it a focus sedan or camry sedan tells people it's a passenger car in a three-box configuration

              Your car argument was a perfect summary of why you're wrong. Thanks!

                Sigh. Nobody calls them books. Look if you're fanboi, then just admit it.

                I am disappointed that MS with all it's marketing people couldn't come up with a name more unique. But if you think it's fine to copy, then ok. I guess you also don't notice any similarities between the new Sydney MS store and an Apple store either?

                  You might not call them books but there's mac books and chrome books and now surface books.

                  Big companies obviously use the word "book" to describe laptops. It makes sense, you get an image in your head.

                  Is it original? Nope. But when Microsoft launched the Surface, everyone laughed and said it was a stupid name for an ipad! You just can't win sometimes! Just like when apple called their $100 stylus a pencil - the whole world just laughs!

                  Just let the specs speak for themselves, you don't buy a $2000 laptop because of its name!

              You honestly don't see any similarity between "MacBook" and "Surface Book"?

              Nope. They are both notebooks, one is a Mac the other is a Surface. Makes sense to me.

              Like I said there are already other products out there using the "book" postfix to indicate what type of device it is...Chromebooks, Ultrabooks and Zenbooks that I already mentioned are good examples, so are Netbooks. Apple themselves had their Powerbook line of products before they replaced them with Macbooks. They are all derived from the word "notebook". I don't see a similarity because I know what the naming convention means and there's a lot of products out there that use it.

              Calling laptops and similar devices [something]books is actually in pretty common use too. Many Windows-based laptops are called "notebooks" as a pretty generic term (even though there is technically a difference between laptops and notebooks), and in fact some manufacturers have dropped the word "laptop" from their product lines completely.

              Last edited 07/10/15 4:55 pm

                Another MacFAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG thinking that by them reinventing the wheel, they invented it huh?

                YES MATE, netbook, zenbook, notebook are all derivatives of MACBook. ZZZZZZ

          Surface Pro > iPad Pro, whos following who?

            if you're talking form factor, well the iPad was the first commercially successful tablet, pretty much paving the way for the Surface. But I agree the iPad Pro does look like Apple's direct response to the popularity of the Surface.

            If you're talking about the name, you must have forgotten about the MacBook Pro?

          Ford have already registered "Focus", so it couldn't happen. (Toyota call the Kluger "Highlander" everywhere else in the world but Hyundai already had dibbs on it for Australia.) Then there is the fact that one is a "MacBook", one word, the other is a "Surface Book", two words. "MacBook" equals a notebook computer running the Macintosh OS. Similarly, "Surface Book", is a Surface device in a notebook form factor. It's descriptive, like Focus hatch or i30 hatch.

          If they'd called it iSurface or MacSurface, you would definitely have a point. But they didn't. So you don't.

      Well the latest apple tablet has "pro" at the end so they copied the surface pro with that respect.

      The sad fact is people are dumb and unless you call your product a predictable name then it won't get bought. Hell some people call all mp3 players "ipods" and all tablets "ipads".

      You shouldn't be able to patent or claim ownership of terms like "pro", "book" etc, I blame Paris Hilton when she tried to patent "That's hot"

        Apple is copying MS by putting "Pro" at the end? They're just keeping with the convention they already had established. MacBook, MacBook Pro. iPad, iPad Pro.

          In the context of tablets, surface pro came before ipad pro.
          In the context of notebooks, mac book came before surface book.

          All the big companies copy each other, my point was that who cares about who used words like "pro" or "book" first? They are descriptive words, you can't (or shouldn't be able to) own them.

            It is correct if you ignore history but it dismisses the fact that Apple have been using the term PRO for higher end versions of their hardware for DECADES.

            As Tristan said, a MacBook Pro is a higher end version of a MacBook, a Mac Pro is a high end Mac, etc.

              Actually roundtable, apple has only been using the word pro since 2006. Not even one decade!

              History is not your friend, I can understand why you chose to ignore it when you commented.

              There was the memory stick PRO by sony and sandisk in 2003.

              There was also sound card called sound blaster PRO from 1991, maybe apple copied them?

              The point is, they weren't the first to use it, they won't be the last to use it, and who the hell cares anyway?




    These Surface products are actually quite premium. I'm confused as to why there's displayport instead of USB-C which can also carry audio/visual. Also, how does Windows 10 support HiDPI on those insanely small screens?

      Windows 10 supports HiDPI quite well, but applications are the big problem. Two things that can catch you out are old Win32 applications that don't support or poorly support scaling and 'hot plugging' mixed DPI displays (you need to log out and back in to get most Win32 apps things to rescale nicely).

        Can you give us a few examples, horsesauce, because in my experience Windows 10 scales everything pretty much perfectly. It is certainly much better at it than a MacPro.

          If I am using my SP3 on the internal, HiDPI, display only and then plug in an external, 24", 1920x1200 monitor then the text in applications like Visual Studio is just a little bit less crisp, windows for things like FileExplorer are resized to odd dimensions and the text in some windows, like Powershell and sometimes FileExplorer, can be noticably too large or too small.

      Better than both Windows 8 and OS X.

      my thoughts exactly so i had to do a google search and one of the reviewers said they did a speed test on stage zipping a 3gb file over usb-c in 5 seconds... so i'm confused.. surely it would be on the specs list if it had it..
      edit: they were talking about the surface dock with usb-c.

        I believe the Surface dock only has USB 3.0, it's just they've upgraded the SSD and motherboard to run at peak capacity.

    Wait for new Dell XPS 13 soon to be announced, should be a nice alternative and cheaper. Microsoft think we are iTards and will pay any thing.

      The current XPS 13 with the Infinity screen is amazing.

      But I am hanging out for the new XPS 15 ;)

      no douche. Microsoft is offering an ALTERNATIVE for like minded macfags and unawares alike.

    The Surface Book would be the right kind of laptop that i would need for my IT courses and sounds amazing. But is the price worth it though. That's the question. I personally think yes and this would be a Microsoft laptop. So im expecting big things :)

      The way they pitched it at the event was that this is for serious professionals who need a high-end portable system, the kind of people who make a thousand bucks just for showing up.

      The way to look at it is the Surface Pro is a high-end tablet that can be a laptop, and the surface book is a high end laptop that can be a tablet.

    Too expensive, I'll get the phone only

      The phones are AU $1099 and $1199. Ouch.

        I think there are other Lumias in the range that are not only affordable but rightly priced around the $300ish mark

        The article could be touting the most expensive ones, which would be all right if they are $7 extra on the 2-year contract, but to pay $1000 for a phone: that trend i do not wish to be part of, being all too happy for the people who can afford it really (please sponsor the next development :)

    Australia tax or not these are still ludicrously expensive. Unless the tablet functionality is particularly important to you, you'd be able to buy a better specced proper laptop for cheaper.

    I mean that 512MB, 16GB i7 model will set you back roughly AU$4000. Holy crap.

    Last edited 07/10/15 1:00 pm

      That's less than what you'd pay for a similarly configured Dell M3800, although with the Dell you get pro graphics, not gaming graphics. The Surface Book is a top-end device, clearly aimed at the professional user who can claim it back on tax, not at the value end of the market, which is already well served.

      Own a Surface Pro and then discuss again.

    I'm interested in knowing how long the battery will last without the keyboard dock on the surface book? I'm assuming the 12hrs is with the keyboard dock.

    Does the surface pro 4 mini hdmi support 60hz 4K monitor?

    Where is the preorder for Australian site. I WANT ONE.

    Preorder is now up in Australia!

    EDIT: Ship date for us is November 13/20 though :(

    Last edited 07/10/15 3:24 pm

    Hey peeps,
    Sign into the Microsoft Australia store with your account and you should be able to preorder. Just placed my order :). Thought I'd give you guys a heads up

      Which model did you go for ? I think the best bang for buck version is the 256GB / i5 - 8 GB / dGPU for $2949.... the jump to $4199 for the 512Gb i7 16 GB / dGPU is just too much IMO. That's even more expensive than a macbook pro.

    My guess is that they could eventually sell a new keyboard base with type-C

    So using the Microsoft pricing from the US and AU sites for the 512GB / Core Intel i7 - 16GB / dGPU and the current exhange rate from there is a AUD$449.46 difference. Urgh.

      US Microsoft Store pricing doesn't include sales tax (i.e. GST)

    AU3,399.00 for the i7 512GB version. Eek!

    I don't care about exchange rates. They are way too expensive to sell beyond fanbois in Aus.
    Just make it affordable.

    SP3 entry was under $1000. The Sp4 should be the same.
    Sure the exchange rate has changed but my income hasn't.

      Yep, spot on.

      Exchange rates or not these prices are pretty ridiculous and it's pretty stupid to be charging us more simply due to something completely out of our control such as the value of our dollar, especially given we aren't actually earning more.

        They are not charging us more, they are charging us the same. Why should any company make less money from Australian consumers? What makes you think you should be subsidised by customers in other countries? I'm afraid this is stuff you are just going to have to get used to again. The dollar's value now is where it should be. What we had for a few years was a bubble, it's back to business as usual.

          They are charging us more compared to what we would be charged if our dollar was closer to parity with the US. That was my point. I don't think people's salaries have changed all that much over the past few years but we're expected to pay more for this stuff anyway.

          That's leaving aside the fact that the instruments are made in China and so actually have less distance to travel to get here than to the US...if anything we should be cheaper because of that.

          Last edited 08/10/15 8:55 pm

      While it does suck, you cant just say "screw the exchange rate" and have things magically work out. When you take into account tax and exchange we are paying pretty much the same as the US for them, just because it looks like more to you doesn't mean it is.

        Free trade agreements and not one single component will be made in the US.
        Still made by peasants for crackers.

        But more to the point a company needs to price products at a competitive level they think will sell in that market.

        Apple have increased their prices here but only by a small amount.

        People don't have a lazy $4000 to drop on a laptop. Thats what you will pay to drink the coolaid of what was on display.

        Also why is a $550 USD phone $1200 AUD??? Thats more than double.

      But we earn more than the average American. So who loses out?

        Average Sydney house price is 1 Million Dollars. I think you can buy 4 houses in the states for that.
        We don't have the disposable income for these price hikes.
        They just wont sell as much.

    What's the price for the Type Cover and new Dock? I've got a SP3 and whilst there's probably not enough of a spec upgrade to warrant upgrading to the SP4, the new accessories definitely look worthwhile!

      EDIT: I was wrong, that version doesn't include the fingerprint scanner. Apparently there is a specific version with the scanner for the SP3. I can't find it in the AU store.


      Last edited 08/10/15 2:11 pm

    Having paid $1500 for the SP3 plus keyboard, I'm still not seeing its value. It was running OK under 8.1 with the latest updates but then Windows 10 has made it a buggy mess again. It's also my second one after returning for a yellow line down one side of the screen.
    The tech previews always look nice but MS have a hard time delivering the reality. For the ridiculous prices they ask you are much better with a cheaper Dell or equivalent.

      See, I'm the opposite. I have a Surface Pro2, and aside from needing the charging brick replaced, I've never had a problem.

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