LG Is Making More OLED TVs, And They’re Getting Cheaper

LG Is Making More OLED TVs, And They’re Getting Cheaper

OLEDs are often seen as the holy grail for TVs, but high prices have kept them out the hands of most consumers. But now with growing demand and better technology and yield rates, you can pick up a large screen model for the price of a second hand car, instead of a new car!

$8999 for a TV is still a lot of money, but it feels surprisingly cheap for a 65″ 4K OLED panel – albeit with nothing else to directly compare to. Still, not that long ago such a TV would have been un-affordable for almost everyone – now it’s similar to early large screen LCDs.

For those with a little less cash to burn, but who still want the OLED experience can pick up the 55″ model for $5999. There is even an older model (which is still way better than your LCD TV) available for $3699. They are available through retailers such as Harvey Norman.

For serious videophiles, OLED offers the very best picture quality currently available, especially when it comes to deep blacks and image quality.

Not sure what you are missing? Check out our exhaustive rundown of the difference between OLED and LCD and decide for yourself.

While OLED TV prices will remain high for now, with better manufacturing prices should eventually drop below that of LCDs.

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