Kogan Mobile Is Back, Here’s The Full Pricing

Kogan Mobile Is Back, Here’s The Full Pricing

After 120,000 customers were left in the lurch by Kogan Mobile the last time it was operating, the Ruslan Kogan-owned MVNO is trying its luck once again. That’s right: Kogan Mobile is back, this time powered by Vodafone.

Kogan Mobile folded in August of 2013 after the collapse of Telstra wholesaler, ISPone. After the wholesaler folded, customers on Kogan Mobile were given 30 days to find a new home before their service was shut off entirely.

Kogan attempted to foster new partnerships with other providers like Yatango, but ultimately the MVNO’s fate was sealed.

Now Kogan is having another crack at the mobile market, this time handing over the responsibilities of customer care to Voda.

Here are the plans:

Kogan Mobile 2.0 is also selling data-only packs:

Kogan Mobile isnt’t getting the full Vodafone network just yet. Voda is offering the 3G network to start with, adding 4G in early next-year.