Just About Every Surface Inside Nissan’s Concept Car Is A Screen Display

Just About Every Surface Inside Nissan’s Concept Car Is A Screen Display

Seats, headrests, the entire dashboard — these are just some of the surfaces Nissan is covering with screen displays in their new concept car. We’re already glued to phones and computers already, so why not fry our eyes in front of pixels as car passengers, as well?

This concept car from Nissan is called “Teatro for Dayz,” and will debut at the 44th annual Tokyo Motor Show, which kicks off October 30. It’s just a concept car, so it’s not anything that’s actually happening — for now, at least. It’s just supposed to get us thinking about what cars in the future could look like.

Yokohama-based Nissan said in a press release: “Designed especially for the digital native generation, this vision of near-future vehicles departs from convention and marks a shift in perception.” When the car is in drive mode, a bunch of useful displays pop up on a white surface. But when the car’s parked, nearly every flat surface lights up like a technicolor acid trip in a Ford-era discotheque.

Nissan says that the driver can hide unnecessary information on the screen and adjust the size of displays like gauges and maps. In park mode, the colours and designs of the displays are fully customisable, as seen below. There are even LED screens on the outside of the vehicle that broadcast your creativity to fellow motorists. The idea is for the car to be “a versatile tool for creativity like a smartphone.”

My life is 90% screens at this point anyway. Up next: LED shower curtains?

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All images courtesy Nissan