Is It A Coincidence That The Internet's Birthday And US National Cat Day Are The Same Day?

Is It a Coincidence That the Internet's Birthday and National Cat Day Are the Same Day?


The first packet of data was sent between two of the original nodes of the ARPANET, an early iteration of the internet we use today, at 10:30pm on 29 October 1969. National Cat Day was first declared in the US on 29 October 2005 by "a large group of overly passionate (OK! OK! OBSESSED) cat lovers with a variety of skills." This year, it's sponsored by Petco and a company that makes kitty litter out of walnuts.

Regardless of the connection, happy 46th birthday, internet! And happy National Cat Day, cat lovers of all nations. What would we do without either of you?

Image via Tumblr

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