Huawei’s Android Wear Watch Will Be Out In Australia On October 15

Huawei’s Android Wear Watch Will Be Out In Australia On October 15

Been waiting for an Android Wear smartwatch with a little more style than the LG G Watch R? Not a fan of Apple and the Apple Watch? Huawei’s new and fancy Watch finally has an — imminent — Australian release date and price tag.

Huawei’s first Android Wear smartwatch in Australia, aptly named the Huawei Watch, has a round sapphire crystal-covered AMOLED display across its 1.4-inch, 42mm face. Using a standard 18mm watchband means you should be able to buy any number of moderately priced alternatives, and Huawei is including 40 different and customisable watch faces on top of the standard Android Wear suite.

It has an integrated heart rate monitor as well as the now-standard accelerometer and gyroscope for motion/step tracking, but it’s Huawei’s novel magnetic charger — which has its own internal rechargeable battery, which can charge the Watch in 75 minutes — that will be the Watch’s big selling point.


The Huawei Watch will be available from Harvey Norman, JR Duty Free, Dick Smith Move, JB Hi-Fi, and a small number of jewellery stores, as well as Huawei’s own kiosks, from October 15. It’ll cost you at least $549, for the silver case and black leather band. For $100 more at $649 you can choose either a silver link bracelet or a silver mesh strap with the silver case, and $749 will get you the more stealthy black case and black link bracelet. At the moment, there’s no price for the 23-karat gold version or the rose gold version.