How Does Homemade Body Armour Made From T-shirts, Paper, And Duct Tape Hold Up To Bullets?

How does homemade body armour made from t-shirts, paper, and duct tape hold up to bullets?

Video: This test of homemade body armour by Demolition Ranch reads like the old fable of the Three Little Pigs. This little piggy made body armour out of T-Shirts. This little piggy used duct tape. And this one used a stack of printer paper. Which homemade body armour can withstand the big bad wolf bullet? Well, they each sort of do to varying degrees.

The t-shirt body armour fared the worst, with a pistol easily penetrating the thickness. The duct tape holds up admirably, its threads kind of caught a bullet but let another pierce right through. And the printer paper can take a lot of beating but eventually fails too. Watch Demo Ranch test below.

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