Here's Australia's First Fully Legal Uber Ride

Briefly: Uber has skirted Australia's almost non-existent ride-sharing rules for almost two years now. The company boasted yesterday that it has completed 10 million UberX in Australia, but none of them were technically legal. Today, Australia's first fully legal Uber ride was completed.

Uber is about to start fully legal operations in Canberra, which has officially approved the ridesharing service for operation.

Today, the first ride was taken by ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr. The car looks like a Nissan Maxima.



    Car is an Aurion

      You are correct, but they're both super boring so you could have called it anything really.

    Hopefully will be rolled out to the rest of the states in Aus !

    Not a Nissan Maxima, it's a Toyota Aurion.

    I hate to be pedantic... but its a toyota Aurion. It even has the badge on the front guard.

      Yep, definitely a 2013 Toyota Aurion.
      Rego expiry 6/7/16.
      Currently insured with NRMA.

        * The 2013 Toyota Aurion "looks like" a Nissan Maxima haha, Luke can slip out of that one :)

    The thing that gets me about companies like Uber is not the service they provide but that the people who work for them are treated as full time employees but are actually contractors so they get no employee benefits (holidays, sick pay... and have to provide their own cars, insurance...)

      As is the same for any sub contractor, anyone that owns their own business is in the same situation. The people that work for them also aren't treated as full time employees as you can work whenever you want, you have no boss and can do as much or as little as you like.

      I feel you may be a troll, either way you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

        If you want to toss insults about here's "sock puppet" for you.

        If you work as a contractor for one client and you earn more than (I think) 80% of your yearly income from that one client then you are considered a full time employee of that client. Go ask the Tax Office about it if you don't believe me.

        Uber, to my mind, gets the benefit of having full time employees without having to outlay to support that relationship.

          How is that any different to being a taxi driver? They don't get holiday or sick pay etc, however they are forced to work long hours or they loss their jobs. This is the same for anyone working as a contractor, my dad worked as a courier driver for years, used his own vehicle and was paid on a per job basis, only ever for one company at a time.

          With Uber however you get the flexibility to work whenever you want, for a lot of drivers its not their full time income, its a supplemental income. No one has to work for Uber and anyone considering it should do their cost analysis as you would in any role.

          I don't really get the sock puppet reference must be some pop culture thing I'm not across.

            Majority of Uber drivers i've been with say its a job on the side for them, they have normal day jobs but don't get enough hours so Uber compensates for that. They can log on and log off whenever they like, whether they want to do a 8 hour run or 2 hour run, the choice is theirs.

              So the only guy complaining about this is someone who probably doesn't work for Uber.... cool.

              Yeah exactly, I've even had a few older retired guys that just do it for some spending money when they're bored and feel like going out for a bit. How can giving people that kind of opportunity be a bad thing.

        I'd say it's the latter.

        You don't get sick/holidays etc... but you get to choose your own hours and work as much/little as you want. People I know do it FT, between obtaining FT jobs as well as PT to supplement income. When I was in the states all of the uber drivers said it was one of the best gigs going because it fit their lifestyle. Noone's forcing anyone to work for uber haha, my advice would be the same for any job... if you don't like the conditions then don't take it up.

          That's right, which suits a lot of people, I can't imagine any employer that was paying super, insurance, supplying a vehicle and giving paid holidays being happy with you working whenever you feel like it lol

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