Google’s New Video Teaches You How To Google

Google — or is it Alphabet? — has so many fingers in so many technologically-refined pies that it’s difficult to keep track sometime. So this Halloween, your friendly neighbourhood search company would like to remind you what it’s all about.

In a new series of YouTube videos, Google’s trying to remind people about its core product: the ability to find shit without having to wade through the entire Internet. In this particular case, it’s showcasing the power of its natural-language voice search to equip an entire last-minute Halloween party, complete with bad vampires and scary spacemen.

Looking at the other (dangerously infomercial) videos the company has posted, though, two things are clear: Google really wants you to use the voice-search; and despite all the self-driving cars and shiny phones, Google really just wants to be a company that finds stuff for you.