Google Plans To Make Mobile Web Browsing Even Faster

Google Plans To Make Mobile Web Browsing Even Faster

Searching for online content has grown exponentially easier since my Nokia N80 (internet edition!), but Google thinks it can do even better. It’s testing a new HTML protocol that will make mobile internet shift gears for faster web surfing.

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Google calls it AMP HTML; the first part of that stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages.” The idea is for smart ads and rich content like video and animations to load simultaneously on mobile, so websites aren’t losing frustrated readers when things slow to a crawl. Google’s partnering with 30 publishers and websites to test the new protocol.

These specially formatted pages mean no images popping up after minutes of reading a page or videos taking forever to display. Maybe the easiest way to think about it is more effective caching, and sites creating super lightweight equivalents of their current sites so you don’t have the suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous load times. Google created a short demo to show off its vision.


Apple buds: Filing for the trademark “AirPods,” Apple might be working on wireless earbuds to be included with future devices. According to Apple Insider, there currently isn’t a direct link that AirPods are an Apple creation, but considering their current headphones are called EarPods, Apple seems like a likely candidate. [Apple Insider]

Fire TV… more than just a set-top box: According to Streaming Media Blog, several sources say that Amazon has been asking content partners to be apart of an OTT streaming service, kind of like Sony’s Playstation Vue. Although there’s no concrete answer to how far along talks are, it seems Amazon has big plans for the television. [Streaming Media Blog]

Google owns the alphabet: No seriously. The mega online search company turned most-likely-to-be-real-life-cyberdyne company now owns Because, you know, they’re called Alphabet now. Let’s just hope they never, ever use it. [Washington Post]

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